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How do you replace the most perfect dog in the world?  Well…you can’t, Truman was one-of-a-kind, but you can get a Delaney!  Advertisements

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another new page

Okay, so I still didn’t technically post “new” art.  But I put up another page,  Sketches & pics.  it’s sort of a mash up of everything drawn or sketched or colored, inked…whatever.  Check it out.

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Okay…so I haven’t posted “new” art.  I have, however, added a page!  That’s something …right?  I will be adding more, at least one other page, very soon.  If you are interested in what it is that I paint, when I … Continue reading

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Crazylawnmowerguy lives!

Fear not friends…I will be returning.  Hang in there.  I have some new ideas that I am working on.  Hopefully, I can at least get some sketches up.

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There is not much to say about this post…except “Thank you, Truman, you are loved and will be missed my friend.” And “THANK YOU!”  to the wonderful people at Detroit-Dover Animal Hospital for your care and support.

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gettin’ down to business

Okay…so after a big day of spouse-motivated cleaning.  I went through some folders and found some sketched out illustrations that I would very much like to take to finished pieces. Also, I find it fascinating to listen to what other … Continue reading

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I must draw something

like I said I must draw something

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