How do you replace the most perfect dog in the world?  Well…you can’t, Truman was one-of-a-kind, but you can get a Delaney! 

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I recently created this poster art for the talented Bryan Wolford, of the Drunken Zombie podcast, and his short film “Shadows”.  You can check the movie out HERE and maybe catch it on the convention circuit.  Good Luck, Bryan!

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It’s about time!!!

Okay, it’s not like I have been sitting around doing nothing, so I have decided to start posting some of the freelance stuff I have been doing.  Here is the poster I just finished for Downtown Lakewood, it was fun, even if it was a RUSH!

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another new page

Okay, so I still didn’t technically post “new” art.  But I put up another page,  Sketches & pics.  it’s sort of a mash up of everything drawn or sketched or colored, inked…whatever.

 Check it out.

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Okay…so I haven’t posted “new” art.  I have, however, added a page!  That’s something …right?  I will be adding more, at least one other page, very soon.  If you are interested in what it is that I paint, when I have to paint, the link has been added at the top of the page.  Thanks for looking.

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Crazylawnmowerguy lives!

Fear not friends…I will be returning.  Hang in there.  I have some new ideas that I am working on.  Hopefully, I can at least get some sketches up.

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Mad Doc

2010 has done nothing but rain chaos upon my life.  I really could use a “reset” button.  Anyway, this is my latest drawing and I couldn’t even be bothered to create a background for the poor guy.

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